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What is a TP-Link Extender and why is it used?

TP-Link Extender is a networking equipment which enhances the signal of a pre-existing wireless network at a place. Based on the area where a router is installed, it sometimes cannot transmit the signal to every corner, which makes it difficult for the user sitting in the weak or no signal spot to access internet.

How does a TP-Link Extender Work

As the name suggests, an extender takes a wireless signal from a router and takes it to the spots the router is unable to. With a TP-Link Extender at your home, one of the things you do not have to worry about is being stuck in electrical cables. Only thing you have to keep in mind is the position of your TP-Link Extender.

One more aspect that makes it one of the best among its type is its compatibility. TP-Link Extenders work with pretty much every router of almost every brand, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading your router.

Then comes in mind the amount of space a TP-Link Extender would use at your place. Just relax, some of the models like TP-Link RE200 and TP-Link TL-WA850RE consume space no more than what a mosquito killing machine takes. It just takes one power outlet.

Setting Up your TP-Link Extender

Plug the extender in to a power source near your router and turn it ON.

Using an Ethernet cable, connect your computer or any other device you are using to your extender.

Turn the Wi-Fi ‘ON’ on your client device and connect it to the open network of your TP-Link extender.

In the web address bar of the web browser, type the IP Address of your extender and hit ‘Enter.’

A login screen will now appear on the screen of your client device. The default credential for both the fields is ‘admin,’ if configuring your extender for the first time.

You can create a new username and a new password for a more secure connection. Click Confirm after completing this step.

Select the 2.4GHz network of your router, and enter the wireless password.

Click Save when have completed all the above written steps.

By simply following the steps written here, your TP-Link Extender has been configured and you can start using it for a faster internet, especially at the weak signal zones of your home.


You may face some problems while or after configuring your TP-Link Extender. Here are the solutions to the problems you might incur.


What to do if the web management page does not open?

You should make sure that your extender is connected to the client device you are using.

You computer must be able to obtain a DNS Server Address and an IP Address automatically.

Reset the extender and complete the process once again.

I forgot the wireless password of my extender.

Visit the web based management utility page.

There, go to Settings, then Wireless, and then to Wireless Settings to change or retrieve the password.